Taking care of your heart should always be on the top of your priority list, it is in fact the one organ in your body that pumps blood throughout making it viable to function. If your heart is unhealthy, although you may not look sick on the outside, you are on the inside. There are many signs you should look for when dealing with heart health, knowing these signs can change your life and be the deciding factor of life or death.

Shoulder and Chest Aches

Shoulder and chest aches are an indicator that the muscles around the heart have grown weak. Tightness and strain on the heart has the potentially to be so painful that it can make its way to the upper torso of the body. Sharp pain on the left side of the chest has always indicated an issue with the heart, be aware of  a slow and gradual build up of pain.

Mouth Problems

Doctors have found that gum diseases and heart problems are related. Your mouth is full of blood vessels and bacteria, if you disrupt the gum layer you will get bacteria into your bloodstream. This allows for the bacteria to travel anywhere, pumping through your heart. Pain that runs from your heart up to your jaw is a common sign of heart attack in women. The pairing of jaw and chest pain may be cause for concern.  

Puffy Legs and Feet

Swelling is an indicator that your heart is not functioning properly. In order for a part of your body to swell, the blood must have difficulty finding its way back to the heart. This is a sign of heart failure. Slow circulation of blood can cause it to clot up, or completely stop your heart from working.

Persistent Cough

A cough that is considered never ending can be a sign of built up fluid in your lungs, this is also a sign of heart failure. When your heart is not able to pump correctly, it can back up the veins that transport the blood to your lungs. As the veins continue to fill up, fluid will be pushed to the alveoli. Your cough will be caused by the initiation and fluid from in your lungs and can give you shortness of breath.

You should always try to increase your heart health awareness. As you age knowing the signs of an unhealthy heart can save your life, and put you in the position to talk to your doctor about your concerns and symptoms that you may be facing.