It is common sense to comprehend the idea that the older people get, the more prescriptions they will need in order to keep their bodies running. But how many prescription pills are too many to be taking at a time? The main concern for doctors and health professionals is the combination of drugs being ingested by these seniors. Taking an array of medications can disorient and cause the patient to lose balance and focus.

Not only is the prescription drug industry a $150 billion a year industry, but it seems to be doing more harm than good in recent times. Being a drug for almost any ailment, patients are beginning to take mediations for the slightest sign of discomfort. The Huffington Post explained, “Adverse effects brought on by the combination of multiple drugs are thought to be responsible for nearly a third of all hospital admissions. Each year 32,000 seniors suffer hip fractures caused by medication-related problems. It’s simple: They are overmedicated, feel dizzy when they stand up, and fall. Or worse, get behind the wheel of a car.” Senior citizens are unaware of the dangers taking a combination of medications, which leads to so many injuries to themselves and even to others. These prescriptions are doing a great deal of damage to their livers and more importantly their hearts. When ingesting pills with different side affects, the liver and heart at times cannot handle the affects of the drug which can cause liver problems and for elderly folks, more prone to heart problems.

On average, adults around the age of 45 are taking four different prescriptions, while the number of prescriptions taken takes the spike the older we get in age. The average for seniors from the ages 65-69 jumps to upwards of fifteen prescriptions a year. If that number is not scary, elders above the age of 80 are on an average of eighteen prescriptions a year.

Health experts are hoping a decline in the number of pills ingested due to the potential risks. For more health and heart news and updates, please visit Dr. Andrew Rudin‘s official website.