It goes without saying that heart health is important for a prosperous and healthy life. Unfortunately, many issues may arise which can affect the heart negatively. One aspect which can really affect the heart is the consumption of alcohol. Not only can excessive alcohol consumption affect the liver, skin, stomach and various other vital organs, the heart also becomes at risk.

First, even a few drinks can cause skin and stomach problems. Alcohol does not hydrate the body and face which results in a puffy and red face while and after drinking. Also, heartburn is a common problem for people who drink regularly. These are just minor problems which people can face when drinking, although small, over time they can compile and lead to skin and stomach problems.image Also, alcohol causes the most obvious problem which comes with drinking, impaired judgement and memory issues. When people drink a bit to much, they tend to put on beer goggles which lead to bad decisions and even drunk driving which would turn deadly.

While these are issues many casual drinkers may face, there are greater risks to drinking alcohol excessively. This affects the liver and heart. Two vital organs which if damaged can lead to death.

Even two drinks can lead to heart problems. According to Yahoo! Health “Just two drinks can boost your risk of irregular heartbeats by 17%. This type of irregular heartbeat approximately quadruples your risk of having a stroke and triples your risk of heart failure.” Doctors do not say everyone should completely cut out drinking alcohol, but being more responsible and not consuming too much at any given time is important to keeping health and heart levels high.

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